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Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Reagent Partnerships

Hugenta is dedicated to deliver Human DNA and CoT DNA for OEM partnerships. The Reagents are delivered in high quality and have proven results in the diagnostic fields.

Whether you require bulk quantities of a specific OEM reagent or individually customized DNA products Hugenta can help with your needs. Partnering with Hugenta ensures quality, consistency and a valued partnership with an experienced supplier.

Human DNA

Human Placenta DNA is supplied in a liquid form and can be used for the production of COT DNA. This Human Placenta DNA cannot be used for genomic analysis or construction of genomic libraries.

This product is available in small pack sizes and also as bulk – prices are on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.


COT Human DNA is prepared from human placenta DNA and is used for background reduction in applications like Microarrays and In Situ Hybridisations.

The Human DNA that Hugenta offers is used by third parties to make CoT DNA in the best quality. The product consists of repetitive elements. The CoT DNA that is made out of the Human DNA has normally a consistent size distribution from 100 to 600 base pairs. For fragment sizes in a range of > 10 kb Hugenta offers specific bulk materials Please contact us for further information.

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